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Pastor Kolisang the now “Bishop” started FTG Ministries in Lesotho after spending 21years with Christ for All Nations (CfAN), a travelling Ministry in South Africa which was founded by Pastor Reinhard Bonnke from Germany. Bishop Kolisang got saved in the late 60’s through Pastor Bonnke’s Ministry. With Bonnke’s help Kolisang attended Bible training school & soon after...

He paired with Pastor Bonnke in Evangelism work in South Africa & ended up ministering there & around the world for 21 years. 1986 became a blessing for the Basotho Nation as God called Bishop Kolisang back to Lesotho. Since then God has manifested Himself through FTG which now has blossoming 8 churches in Lesotho, 4 in South Africa & 12 in Namibia.

On the 24 July 1998, Bishop Kolisang was ordained as a Bishop in America by Bishop Lewis E. Hines. Bishop Kolisang views this as the greatest honor by God & this is seen every where he goes as his presence commands a lot of respect in & out of the country.

God continued to bless this Ministry, in 2005 a baby was born into the FTG family; Jesu ke Karabo fm (Jesus is the answer) which continues to usher in more & more lost souls into the Kingdom of God. Due  to the magnitudes  flooding in from all corners of Lesotho through JKK FM... CLICK HERE TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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